Sep 8, 2012

The Adventures of The Hand Off

A wonderful short video (photographed and edited by Wendi Percival of OURKIDS Media), showing the 36Frames camera case being handed off from Barry Gray to Hugh Wesley to Andrew Stawicki to Dave Cooper to Gail Harvey!
(Note: The Password to view the video is k0dak)

Canadian Film and Television Director, and former Toronto SUN Photographer, Gail Harvey practices with her i-Phone, before taking her frame.
From Hugh Wesley:

"Hi Pete, Here were the images of my shoot, with my daughter Nikki (photog at the Oakville Beaver and Burlington Post) sitting in as a positioning model. The theme was my old rant to photographers when shooting profile portraits of people in stories, to bring back at least one frame with their face on the negative as big as a dime. "Big Faces" The picture above the mantel is of my grandfather who was born in 1868 and owned the Barrie Advance Newspaper. He died long before I was born but the presence of that portrait subconsciously may have landed me in the biz. His wife, my grandmother also developed her own pics from about 1905 and her prints are still around.

Hoping the project will be a huge success.
Photographer / PhotoEditor Barry Gray holds the 36Frame case in his office before handing in over to Hugh Wesley

11 Done...26 To Go...It's Getting Serious

After 8 months, and one re-start, a third of our group of 36 have taken their self-portraits. As I see it, we are now at the point of no-return, meaning that any future screw-up will be permanently registered on the film...we will not re-start again!
The latest group of inductee's are:

 Barry Gray - Frame #6
- Former Toronto Sun Photograher
- Former Montreal Gazette Photo Editor
- Current Photo Editor at Canwest and Postmedia News

Hugh Wesley - Frame #7
- Former Toronto Sun Photographer, Photo Editor and Director of Photography
- Teacher, Educator and Entrepreneur

Andrew Stawicki - Frame #8
- Highly decorated award winning former photographer with the Toronto Star
- Founding photographer of Photosensitve, a highly respected group of Canadian Photojournalists who, through black-and-white photography, enrich, enlighten and educate Canadians on issues of social significance.

Gail Harvey - Frame #9 
- Award winning Canadian Film and Television Director 
- Former Toronto Sun Photographer 
- Former United Press Canada Photographer 

Dave Cooper - Frame #10 
- Holds the distinction of being one of 3 original day-one photographers at the Toronto Sun.
- Currently award winning photojournalist at the Toronto Star

Norm Betts - Frame #11  
- Also holds the distinction of being one of 3 original day-one photographers at the Toronto Sun.
- Currently stays busy traveling across Canada on various corporate assignments.

Meeting with Renowned Film Archivist

On June 12th, 2012 I met with film archivist  Katherine Whitman, currently the photograph conservator at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. She offered valued advice for mounting and displaying the final roll of un-cut film.
She’s a former fellow of the Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography in Rochester, NY, holds bachelor’s degrees in biology from Michigan State University and fine art photography from the University of Oregon and earned her master’s degree in paper conservation at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.
She’s been an archivist at the University of Oregon Knight Library responsible for the rare photograph collection and completed an internship at the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna.
Her master’s thesis addressed the effects of polyester materials on the surface topography of gelatin silver prints during drying.
I was honoured that she agreed to meet and after spending an hour with her, I realized how little I knew about maintaining well fixed and washed film emulsion.!