Dec 13, 2012

  Jac Holland takes Frame #16...

Life has been good to Jac Mazereeuw, who has gone by Holland since he immigrated to Canada. "I never actually changed my last name. When I first immigrated to Canada, I started my own business in Deep River. Mazereeuw was too difficult for native-born Canadians to remember so in honour of my birth country, I used "Holland" professionally.

Jac Holland, one of three original Toronto SUN photographers, along with 36Frames participants David Cooper and Norm Betts, recalls having so much fun they never took a day off until forced to do so.

The fun and passion for his assignment work near and far kept Jac glued to the tabloid from 1971 to the mid-80's. Ironically, one of the biggest benefits of working for the Toronto SUN, a two-month sabbatical after 10 years employment, turned his thoughts elsewhere. "I was spoiled after that", Jac recalls. "I realized there was more to life than work." In 1986 he left the SUN to teach and travel the world.

"I finally retired when I had to convert to digital"...   

 Two Dutchmen fighting over the camera case with Dick Loek (left) and Jac Holland (right). "Jac wanted to expose all the frames to make sure he got one in focus"

"I finally retired when I had to convert to digital"...

Dick Loek gets nervous...

Hey Peter 

Spent some time on the beach in Toronto. The "Banana Belt" is still snow-less but chilly. The Martin Goodman trail in the East End is one of my favourite area's in the city. I spent a lot of time, while working for the Star, jogging along the boardwalk during the early morning watching the season's change. Yesterday morning was overcast with sunny intervals so I thought it would be appropriate to take my portrait with the "Leuty Life Station" in the background.

The weather window was changing so I had to work fast to catch a bit of sun. Dave Ellis, former City Editor at the Star and my cycling buddy, offered to be a stand in. My bike was on stand-by but because of time shortage I ended up just holding my helmet with the mounted GO-PRO. My shirt is from "The Ride To Conquer Cancer", another event close to my heart.

Getting back home you get these terrible thoughts: did I change the exposure when the sun broke through, did I even focus? It's like when you sit in the plane to a far away country and wonder if you locked the front door and turned the stove off. Never realized how critical things get when you only have one frame. I hope I did all those things when I finally sqeezed the bubble. Hope it all worked out.

All the best, Dick

Toronto Star Photographer Dick Loek practices for his shot, the 15th frame on our roll of Tri-X.

Former Toronto Star City Editor Dave Ellis stands in for Dick's test shot down by the Toronto Beaches.

Nov 30, 2012

The Adventures of Doug Ball...

Apparently Doug Ball took my guidance to do what ever you want to do with your single frame to a new level: he took it hunting.

The 36Frames case seen at the Owen Sound Harbour where the Chi-Cheemaun ferries people and cars between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island during the summer.

As every experienced photojournalist knows...if you don't have a tri-pod with you...use a beer cooler.

Besides being a respected photojournalist, Doug has been a member of the Couch Cowboys Hunt Camp for 41 years. It seems he used my camera case to lure this 8-point buck into a trap....he won't tell me if the blood on the case is real...

3 Legends In A Row

From left to right: Doug Ball, Norm Betts and Peter Bregg talk serious photography at Jet Fuel in Toronto. Norm was there to hand the camera and case to Doug Ball and a beer got in the way (or is that a coffee?).

15 Down...21 To Go

After 11 months, we're almost half way finished.
The latest group of inductee's are:

 Peter Bregg - Frame #12
- Served as Chief Photographer at McLeans for 17 years
- Formerly a Photographer/Editor with CP and AP in London, New York and  Washington DC
- Was official Photographer for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

  Doug Ball- Frame #13
- Long time Canadian shooter with 2 National Newspaper Awards
- Former Photographer with CP covering all major sporting and news events
- Former Montreal Gazette Photo Editor

 Hans Deryk - Frame #14
- Over 25 years working on staff at AP, CP and 7 major Canadian dailies including as Chief Photographer at the Toronto Star
- Has covered all the major sporting events of the world including 8 Olympics
- Currently Senior Picture Editor at Reuters in Toronto
- Former United Press Canada photographer 

 Dick Loek - Frame #15 
- Originally from Amsterdam he began his long career at the  Toronto Telegram in 1962 where he    became Chief Photographer
- Moved to the Toronto Star in 1971
- A member of Photosensitive, a non-profit collective of Toronto Photographers that explore how photography can contribute to social justice

Sep 8, 2012

The Adventures of The Hand Off

A wonderful short video (photographed and edited by Wendi Percival of OURKIDS Media), showing the 36Frames camera case being handed off from Barry Gray to Hugh Wesley to Andrew Stawicki to Dave Cooper to Gail Harvey!
(Note: The Password to view the video is k0dak)

Canadian Film and Television Director, and former Toronto SUN Photographer, Gail Harvey practices with her i-Phone, before taking her frame.
From Hugh Wesley:

"Hi Pete, Here were the images of my shoot, with my daughter Nikki (photog at the Oakville Beaver and Burlington Post) sitting in as a positioning model. The theme was my old rant to photographers when shooting profile portraits of people in stories, to bring back at least one frame with their face on the negative as big as a dime. "Big Faces" The picture above the mantel is of my grandfather who was born in 1868 and owned the Barrie Advance Newspaper. He died long before I was born but the presence of that portrait subconsciously may have landed me in the biz. His wife, my grandmother also developed her own pics from about 1905 and her prints are still around.

Hoping the project will be a huge success.
Photographer / PhotoEditor Barry Gray holds the 36Frame case in his office before handing in over to Hugh Wesley

11 Done...26 To Go...It's Getting Serious

After 8 months, and one re-start, a third of our group of 36 have taken their self-portraits. As I see it, we are now at the point of no-return, meaning that any future screw-up will be permanently registered on the film...we will not re-start again!
The latest group of inductee's are:

 Barry Gray - Frame #6
- Former Toronto Sun Photograher
- Former Montreal Gazette Photo Editor
- Current Photo Editor at Canwest and Postmedia News

Hugh Wesley - Frame #7
- Former Toronto Sun Photographer, Photo Editor and Director of Photography
- Teacher, Educator and Entrepreneur

Andrew Stawicki - Frame #8
- Highly decorated award winning former photographer with the Toronto Star
- Founding photographer of Photosensitve, a highly respected group of Canadian Photojournalists who, through black-and-white photography, enrich, enlighten and educate Canadians on issues of social significance.

Gail Harvey - Frame #9 
- Award winning Canadian Film and Television Director 
- Former Toronto Sun Photographer 
- Former United Press Canada Photographer 

Dave Cooper - Frame #10 
- Holds the distinction of being one of 3 original day-one photographers at the Toronto Sun.
- Currently award winning photojournalist at the Toronto Star

Norm Betts - Frame #11  
- Also holds the distinction of being one of 3 original day-one photographers at the Toronto Sun.
- Currently stays busy traveling across Canada on various corporate assignments.

Meeting with Renowned Film Archivist

On June 12th, 2012 I met with film archivist  Katherine Whitman, currently the photograph conservator at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. She offered valued advice for mounting and displaying the final roll of un-cut film.
She’s a former fellow of the Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography in Rochester, NY, holds bachelor’s degrees in biology from Michigan State University and fine art photography from the University of Oregon and earned her master’s degree in paper conservation at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.
She’s been an archivist at the University of Oregon Knight Library responsible for the rare photograph collection and completed an internship at the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna.
Her master’s thesis addressed the effects of polyester materials on the surface topography of gelatin silver prints during drying.
I was honoured that she agreed to meet and after spending an hour with her, I realized how little I knew about maintaining well fixed and washed film emulsion.!

Jun 7, 2012


As I feared would happen, we had a small glitch in Montreal and had to start over. This means our first two photographers (Gary Hershorn (Global Sports Photo Editor for Reuters in New York), and Denis Paquin (Deputy DOP at Associated Press in New York) will have to redo their photos in New York after the camera returns from Canada.

The good news is we now have 6 frames exposed and the camera will be moving on to Toronto in the next few weeks, before heading out west.
I am encouraging all participating photographers to take some behind the scenes images that will become part of the book and I’ve started posting some of these images on the website:

Thanks again to everyone for the amazing response and show of interest in this project. I’ve received notes of encouragement from scores of people in 12 countries.

I’ll send occasional updates as the camera makes its way across the country.

Best Regards

Peter Martin
The 36Frames camera on display at the world famous Houston FotoFest back in March 2012.

Retired UPI and Ottawa Citizen photographer Rod MacIvor shows off his serious side. MacIvor's photo of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau carrying his son Justin under his arm was voted in the top ten Photo's That Changed Canada.

The Master himself, Gordon Beck of the Montreal Gazette, attaches the cable release to the 36Frames Nikkormat

Montreal LaPresse Icon Michel Gravel prepares to expose his frame, the first on the 36Frames roll.

Montreal Gazette Photographer John Mahoney prepares to take his self-portrait at Wilensky's, a lunch counter opened in 1932 and immortalized in Mordecai Richler's novel The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz.

After a small glitch in Montreal, we have to start over and re-load the original roll of Tri-X. My old friend Jean Bardaji from Camtec Photo supplies the second, and hopefully last, roll of Tri-X for this project.

The case arrives in the Big Apple

The case heads to New York on an early morning train to Penn Station

36Frames Case

Mar 30, 2012

Camera and Case At The Houston FotoFest

The first two frames of Tri-X have been exposed and belong to Gary Hershorn (Global Sports Photo Editor for Reuters), and Denis Paquin (Deputy DOP at Associated Press in New York), respectively. After a lifetime of shooting assignments around the globe…dealing with every type of trigger-pin stress imaginable...Denis told me he was nervous as hell taking his frame.

I am currently at the world renowned Houston FotoFest where the camera and case will be on display till April 3rd before moving to Montreal April 11th. There Canadian veterans Michel Gravel (La Presse Montreal), John Mahoney (The Gazette) and Paul Chaisson (Canadian Press) will take the 3rd, 4th and 5th frames respectively.

Jan 27, 2012

Response To Kodak Announcement

Hello to Friends, Family, Fellow Photographers, Photo Editors, Photo-Collectors, Lovers of Film and Analogue:
On a day where Kodak has officially declared bankruptcy, I thought I would officially announce the launch of my 36Frames project. This has been 3 years in the making and today seemed like the right time to launch.

A few years ago I started reflecting on my 35 year career and of all the Canadian Photographers, Photojournalists, and Photo Editors that had influenced my work and my life. Some I worked with for many years, some I rubbed shoulders with, others I have yet to meet. I might have been inspired by their work or advice… or it might have been a simple act of kindness to a young photographer growing up in Toronto. The resulting group make up the participants of this project.

One camera; One roll of Tri-X; 36 Self portraits by some of Canada's best photojournalists and photo-editors: roughly 1000 years of combined experience. All on 1 roll of uncut film and when processed will be impossible to replicate digitally. This is a celebration of film, of analogue, of life and....of Kodak.

I will be sending occasional updates as the camera starts to make its way around the country, as well as a Blog and Facebook page for those interested in tracking it. Once the camera is returned, I will drink 2 shots of Vodka to calm my nerves, then hand-process the film. That will be video-taped.

A monograph will be created with all 36 self portraits and any profits from this project will help support Canada's photojournalism programs.
Thanks to everyone and wish us luck!
Best Regards

Peter Martin

(P.S. The 37th Frame will be dedicated to the memory of Toronto Star photographer Frank Lennon...who gave an awe-struck and very nervous 16 year old a guided tour of the Star darkrooms...many years ago).


Camera Starts Travelling (January 27th, 2012)

I'll be heading to New York on Tuesday to drop off the camera and case to Gary Hershorn, Global Editor, Sports Pictures at REUTERS. I've known Gary since the the late 70's and his work and career have inspired many photographers both in Canada and around the world.
He'll take the first frame on our roll of 36 just heading out to cover the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.It'll be good to catch up with him and share a pastrami sandwich at the Carnegie Deli in Manhattan.

Jan 22, 2012

Technical Info

1 Nikkomat
1 50mm f/1.4
1 Tri-X 35mm - 36 exposure