Sep 19, 2015

7 Years Later...

October  2019

I launched this project in January 2012…just over 7 years ago. In June of that same year, after 6 frames, a glitch forced a re-start with a new roll of film.

In July 2013 after 18 months on the road and 22 frames, one of our participants inadvertently tripped the camera shutter without being in the photo. So...the camera went back to Montreal to re-start a third time with a blank roll of film.

We have now reached 28 frames with the 29th about to be taken by Photographer Douglas Kirkland in the Hollywood Hills. I will pick up the camera from him then start planning to move it to western Canada… then back to Toronto then Portugal and finally returning to Toronto for the 37th and final frame.


After my return from the UK on the 9th of March 2020 I had planned to drive to Toronto on the 14th then get on the VIA Canadian train to Vancouver on the 15th. I would have arrived on the 19th with the 36Frames camera then driven to Victoria BC for 4 nights. During that time I was going to meet with Andy Clark, Don Denton and Ted Grant and have them each do their self-portrait. This would have taken us to Frame 33. Due to the Corona-Virus outbreak those plans were shelved and now postponed to the fall of 2020.

Nick Park, who created the Wallace & Gromit series, took 7 years to complete his first 24-minute animated feature "Grand Day Out". It earned him an Oscar nomination.

I have received great support and understanding from everyone involved… with some praising my patience and doubting my sanity…which has always been in doubt.

Thanks again to everyone!
Peter Martin



January 2012 -      Camera goes to New York for the first two of 36Frames


March 2012 -         Camera goes on display at the world renowned Houston FotoFest


April 2012 -           Camera moves to Montreal 


June 2012 -           Glitch forces re-start of project in Montreal


July 2012 -            Camera moves to Ottawa 

September 2012 -  Camera moves to Toronto

July 2013 -            Glitch forces 2nd restart.        


August 2013 -        Camera back in Montreal, moves to Ottawa 


September 2013 -  Camera in Brockville, Ontario


September 2013 -  Camera moves back to Toronto


November 2015 -   The 23rd frame is taken 


January 2016 -       The 24th frame is taken 


April 2016 -           The 25th frame is taken 


December 2016 -   Camera moves to Newark New Jersey


March 2017 -         The 26th frame is taken


April 2017 -           Camera moves to New York City


May 2017 -            The 27th frame is taken


January 2019 -       The 28th frame is taken 


August 2019 -        Pick up camera from New York City


September 2019 -   Fly to Los Angeles to have the 29th frame taken




Sep 1, 2015

Original Letter Sent March 2011

Dear ______,

A few years ago I started reflecting on my career and of all the Canadian Photographers, Photojournalists, and Photo Editors that had influenced my work and my life. Some I worked with for many years, some I rubbed shoulders with, others I have yet to meet. I might have been inspired by their work or advice… or it might have been a simple act of kindness to a young photographer growing up in Toronto.

I edited a long list to 36 names and yours was on it.

Here’s the plan:

Once I hear back from all 36 names, I will compile a geographical list from West to East.
The first person on that list will be sent a case inside which will be a 35mm camera body with one lens. Inside the camera will be 1 roll of Tri-X 36 exposure film. I will also include a long cable release.
I will not include a flash…up to you whether you need one or not.

Your assignment is simple. You are to take a self-portrait using only ONE FRAME. You will NOT WIND THE FILM, just pack up the camera and ship it to the next person on the list. If one person screws up we start over at the beginning, but there’s roughly 1000 years of combined experience among this group…it will work!

The photo MUST be taken by your-self. It can be a head-shot, a full body shot, but it’s got to be clean…no private parts please!!!

Once the last person on the list has finished, the camera will be returned and I will process the film. Remember that your position on the list only relates to where you live, but I can tell you the 37th FRAME is reserved for the memory of Frank Lennon from the Toronto Star. I’ll figure out what to do about that when the time comes.

This is a celebration of Life, of Film, of Analogue and a tribute to those who were and remain an important part of my past and where I end up as a photographer in the years to come.
The end result will be something extremely unique that could never and will never again be replicated: Self-portraits of some of the top names in Canadian Photography and Photo Editing on one roll of uncut film.

Once everyone has been contacted and all have agreed, then specific information will follow. I would like to finish this by the end of the year.

I would be honoured if you will agree to take part! Please contact me anytime and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards