Jan 27, 2012

Response To Kodak Announcement

Hello to Friends, Family, Fellow Photographers, Photo Editors, Photo-Collectors, Lovers of Film and Analogue:
On a day where Kodak has officially declared bankruptcy, I thought I would officially announce the launch of my 36Frames project. This has been 3 years in the making and today seemed like the right time to launch.

A few years ago I started reflecting on my 35 year career and of all the Canadian Photographers, Photojournalists, and Photo Editors that had influenced my work and my life. Some I worked with for many years, some I rubbed shoulders with, others I have yet to meet. I might have been inspired by their work or advice… or it might have been a simple act of kindness to a young photographer growing up in Toronto. The resulting group make up the participants of this project.

One camera; One roll of Tri-X; 36 Self portraits by some of Canada's best photojournalists and photo-editors: roughly 1000 years of combined experience. All on 1 roll of uncut film and when processed will be impossible to replicate digitally. This is a celebration of film, of analogue, of life and....of Kodak.

I will be sending occasional updates as the camera starts to make its way around the country, as well as a Blog and Facebook page for those interested in tracking it. Once the camera is returned, I will drink 2 shots of Vodka to calm my nerves, then hand-process the film. That will be video-taped.

A monograph will be created with all 36 self portraits and any profits from this project will help support Canada's photojournalism programs.
Thanks to everyone and wish us luck!
Best Regards

Peter Martin

(P.S. The 37th Frame will be dedicated to the memory of Toronto Star photographer Frank Lennon...who gave an awe-struck and very nervous 16 year old a guided tour of the Star darkrooms...many years ago).


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